Significant Differences between a Building Designer & an Architect That You Should Know

If you’re looking to renovate, remodel, or build a house or any establishment, you are going to Building Designers Adelaideacquire the services of either a building designer or an architect. There’s been some debate about the differences between these two professions. Although they may look the same in the surface, they have some distinct differences that ultimately separates them. In this article, Building Designers Adelaide will break down the main differences between a building designer and an architect.


Comparing Architects to Building Designers


While both professions have a few similarities regarding responsibilities, they have a plethora of differences. On one end, building designers focus their job on the scale and security of a building that they also happen to design. On the other end, an architect considers function and form whenever they prepare their scaled plans.





On a general standpoint, building designers and architects both design buildings, homes, factories, among several other structures. Both are tasked to design and create drafts of what a particular structure should look like ideally. Building designers are often the ones who conduct meetings with clients to discuss their needs and the ideal design they want to see. They will then create an initial draft that will meet those needs and concepts. The architect gets the draft first. He or she will then ensure that what the building designer has come up is functional, at least on paper. They also make some modifications for the draft to meet the necessary building specifications.


From the above description, we can see a direct collaboration between the building designer and the architect. The building designer is the one who focuses more on design and creativity while architects are more on reality where they determine if the plan meets with industrial standards and overall functionality. Building designers and architects work alongside each other to help satisfy their clients and create the best structural design that’s both artistic and functional.


Know the Difference


By now you are aware of the most significant differences between a building designer and an architect. While both serve the same purpose, their approach and focus are different. That’s why when you’re going to contact Building Designers Adelaide, our professional building designers will be the one to entertain you first and discuss potential designs and creative features. Once everything is settled, they will then make the initial draft which would then be passed to the architect to determine the final plan for your home.