Small History of Awnings – What You Didn’t Know

In the past years, there were no malls and people and enjoyed going to shop from one store to another. Taking a pleasant stroll outside and enjoying the weather as they peek through the shop windows. However, the weather wasn’t always perfect on those days, some days could be too hot, and other days it was raining, that was fine as the stores had this big long piece of material, like an umbrella, which hung out away from the store. The material created a shelter for shoppers in case it was raining and also from the hot sun, it provided a shade. So what was this shade that made shoppers’ lives easy? It’s called an awning.

An awning is a shelter that is attached to the outside wall of the building. It is made of acrylic cloth or canvas that has been stretched over steel, aluminium, iron and sometimes wood. Some businesses have seen the benefits of awnings and are going for them. Restaurants have Folding Arm Awnings Adelaide made so big that they can put chairs and tables underneath them and they offer an outside dining experience to their clients. Because of the large size of the awnings, many businesses use them as a way of advertising their business.

Awnings have a long history since they didn’t just pop up from nowhere. Even the ancient Syrians and Egyptians used such materials to shade their market stalls. Also, in the Roman Empire, the awnings were used in the sitting areas. However, the old age awnings were not very functional and sometime would be taken down depending on weather like for example, during the winter, the awnings could be taken down and stored for later use.

The 20th century saw the awnings advance in designs and functionality. During this period, the folding arm awnings and lateral awnings were developed. Though the mechanics of the awnings were changing, the covering never changed. Canvas was still the most common awning fabric in the early 20th century. By 1960s other materials like polyester, acrylic and vinyl were introduced as awning covers. Ironically, during this period, the air conditioners were being added, and many people wondered if the awning would become obsolete.

Over the years, the awning has proven to be robust in many ways since it’s still around today. The modern Folding Arm Awnings Adelaide appear more marketing tool that street shade. Besides the malls, awnings are also emerging in business districts and residential areas. Awnings, like other inventions, survived the time, and it goes through cycles. Things have to change and adapt, and the awning has for a long time been able to do this. Therefore, if you have not installed the folding awnings in your residential home or at the place of business, it is the best time you call in experts and have your awnings installed to enjoy the benefits.