Buying a Ducted Heating System – What you Need to Know

When winter is around, there is nothing as important as ensuring that you have a functional heating system. The winter can be unforgiving without a heating system in place and therefore to keep your family safe and comfortable, you have to install the right AC system in time. When evaluating your alternatives, you will find that there is no better heating solution than installing a ducted heating system. This one, unlike the conventional haters, is both energy efficient and affordable to run. Also, this system gives you the freedom to control which room gets heated and when. What this means is that you can warm the living room but not the bedroom for as long as you are not using them and this saves you money on heating bills.

Before you head to the AC dealer to order an AC system, there are a few things you need to factor in. By considering the factors below, you will be in a better position to buy the right heat pump.

Your house size

When buying a heat pump or any other air conditioning unit, it is critical that you consider the size of your house. The AC units come in varying sizes, and each is suitable for different house size. There are those that are as small as to fit one bedroomed house and some are as large as to cater to the needs of a five bedroom house. Therefore, you need to know the size of your space before ordering. This way, you will have a heat pump that not only fits your needs but one that is efficient to run.


When buying a heat pump, you will find that different systems have varying prices. Also, there are many AC dealers, and each one of them will offer a different rate. Therefore, unless you have a budget in mind, your options are unlimited, and this means that you can easily overspend or end up with low quality ducted AC system if you go for the low priced units. What you should do is have a budget in mind and then do in-depth research to know your available options in that budget range. You can consult your local AC expert for advice.


Home appliances do not come cheap and ducted heating systems are no different. Therefore, since you will be spending a considerable amount of cash, you need to get some guarantee that you are getting a system that is worth every dollar paid. This part is where the need for a warranty comes in. The dealer/supplier should offer you a written guarantee that should anything happen; they will replace or repair your system free of charge. With this factors in mind and by ensuring your heat pump is installed professionally, you will get value for many and keep your family warm during the winter season.