A Quick Look at Gasflux Monitoring Technology

If you are in search of a sophisticated and modern monitoring system for the presence of hazardous ground gas, the Ambisense Gasflux monitoring technology offers by far the most potent and effective method in Australia. It is the first system in the world that provides the ability for continuous gas and flow monitoring, primarily intended for ground-gas applications.

The concept behind the technology is to allow the real-time monitoring of landfill gas, brownfield sites, as well as onshore O&G facilities, including industrial settings. The need for continuous monitoring is imperative in particular scenarios as it is an efficient and quick creation of an accurate representation of ground-gas behaviour, especially with the presence of hazardous varieties. Therefore, Gasflux is an ideal system for landfill sites, fracking, and most carbon sequestration projects.

Keep in mind that the regular monitoring of concentrations will not provide you with an accurate and clear picture of things. The truth is, if you rely on spot flow measurements while also embracing a pessimistic approach corresponds to characterising sites as outrageously conservative. As a consequence, there is a prospect of increasing the costs of adding more gas protection strategies and preventative measures.

In the system offered by Gasflux, there is a cloud-based interface that allows for a seamless flow of data, which in turn gives complete access to customers on most mobile devices. It is a convenient tool to have even for those who aren’t well-versed in the industry. Furthermore, there also is a sensor technology in which customers can make use of the AmbiSense platform, the purpose of which is to conveniently connect with sensors found on manifolds and engines as well as flares. The sensor technology makes it possible to monitor a device remotely from a different location.



Some of the highlights of Glasflux include:

  • Monitoring concentration and flow in a continuous manner
  • Automating the process of data capture with emphasis on cost-effectiveness
  • Continuously monitoring air and gas as well as real-time reporting of the information via cloud
  • Building datasets which are less open when it comes to interpretation
  • Reducing costs and development time by “de-risking” sites
  • Offering data in real-time
  • The accurate building of ground-gas behaviour in the quickest manner possible
  • Allows better risk assessment by way of a faster reporting
  • Enabling a speedier project delivery

Also, you should know that the Gasflux monitoring technology is versatile enough that if you are working in an unsecured or exposed area, it is possible to deploy the system while inside a container. With regards to applications, you expect the system to work in varying environments and situations, including but not limited to landfill, biogas, water, anaerobic digestion, coal seam mining, contaminated land, shale gas and oil, and even for determining indoor and outdoor air quality. Finally, it is ideal for use in temporary or in permanent deployment.