Importance of a Net Wrap

Agriculture is part of man’s way of life. We cannot survive without the hard work and determination of our farmers. However, farming comes with its ups and downs. There are seasons where it is rainy and others when it is not. When the weather climates are ideal, food shortage for livestock is never a challenge. However, it becomes a challenge in dry months. It is thus necessary as a farmer to become more aware of how you handle livestock feeds.

The best solution for this problem is through food preservation. There are many ways in which you can store food, from silages to haymaking. Most farmers, however, prefer using dry food on their livestock hence they go for hay. However, this method delicate to weather elements and thus needs to be protected. When it is rained on, it becomes rotten and inedible.

Net wraps offer the best solution when it comes to packing and preserving hay. Net wrapping is a method in which you roll the feeds into round bales and cover it with a mesh known as a net wrap. Often net wraps are compared with twine. However, the advantages of net wraps far overweigh those of twine. Some of these benefits include:

Faster baling: The speed of baling is usually breakneck. This is because the operator is easy to use and it only requires around two turns of the bale to cover it with a net wrap. With such speeds, a lot of work can get done when the weather is right. Such rates make net wrapping a preference of farmers who have large acreages.

Reduced baling losses: Net wraps are very efficient it reducing waste. Wasted hay should always be minimal to ensure sustainability. With a net wrap, you can be assured of baling losses being reduced. This is because to bale a stack of hay with net wrap uses lesser turns when wrapping, resulting in less leaf loss dropping out of the bale.

Reduced outdoor storage losses: When you store hay outside, it will most likely get spoilt. It is usually recommended that you keep your feeds inside to prevent spoilage. However, at times, this might not be possible due to inadequate space. Net wraps possess an ability called water shedding which preserves the hay inside and prevents it from getting spoilt.

Another advantage of net wrapped hay is that it is more appealing than twine. This is important for those who sell hay. Customers will be more attracted to your feeds, and you will end up selling in bulks. Such bales are also easy to handle and transport.

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