What to Consider When Buying Net Wrap

When making hay, the main aim is to have sufficient feeds for your livestock and to prepare for the unseen. With enough feeds, you as the farmer will be ready to face whatever nature throws at you for as long it is not livestock diseases. Therefore, you should take the haymaking the process very seriously. It is because preserving hay is not a guarantee that you will have quality feeds. One small mistake in the preservation process can end up in spoilt hay which will not be of any use. You will incur substantial losses of not only reduced production but also the initial investment. But how can you avoid losses and make quality hay?

Well, the secret to making or preserving quality hay is to use a high-quality net wrap. Unlike the traditional way of making or preserving hay, net wrap makes it possible to make quality hay and preserve as many hay bales as possible since you don’t need to have a storage facility. All you need is to follow the normal process of making hay whereby you make hay bales and then use balers twine to keep the baled hay in place. After this process, instead of taking the hay bales to a storage location you need to use a net wrap baler to wrap the hay bales. Once you pack them, you can then comfortably leave them on the farm without worrying about spoilage. The net wrap has unique features that will keep the baled hay safe.

Net wrap features include UV stability. The material that makes this net wrap is UV-stable which means that it will protect the hay from the harsh sun rays and other weather effects. Also, since the net wrap has great water shedding features, you can be sure of quality hay since there will be no any form of rotting. Last but not least, the net wrap material is sturdy enough which means you will have an easy time wrapping the hay bales and this also ensures easy handling during transportation.

When buying net wrapping supplies, there are a few things you to keep in mind. First, ensure that you are getting quality supplies. Both the net wrap and baling twine should be of top quality. Secure that the supplier can offer you a written warranty of up to 12 months. Besides quality, ensure that the supplier provides affordable supplies. This way, you will save money and at the same time secure quality baling supplies.

Last but not least, different farmers have different net wrap baler, be sure that you are getting a net wrap that is compatible with the different balers available. The manufacturer will indicate balers that are compatible with the net wrap and so be sure to check before buying. If you check all these, you can be sure of a straightforward baling process, and you will end up with quality hay at the end of the preservation time.