How Novated Lease Deals Work and How You Can Benefit

Owning a private car is the dream of every person and more so the young generation. The car comes with its class and will elevate your status. It feels so good to navigate your city or country at your convenience. Also, there is that feeling satisfaction that you when driving down the streets to your workstation. Now, will all the benefits that come with car ownership, am sure you cannot wait to get hold of your car key finally. However, owning a car is not that easy and requires a considerable investment. You will have to work very hard and smart while saving as much as you can to have a car that you can call your own finally. However, if you are not willing to wait for three more years of saving to own a car, worry not as you can take advantage of novated lease deals.

Novated leasing is a contract between the employee and the employer where the employer agrees to pay a car dealer so that you can own your dream car hassle-free. The employer will then deduct the payments of the car from your pretax income. This deal is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. For example, when the employer facilitates the agreement, the employee will feel motivated as his/her dream of owning a car will become a reality. Also, he/she will save as the payment will be deducted before taxes which means hay pays less tax and bags lots of money home.

As for the employer, he will enjoy improved production as the employee will give it their all as they are respected and recognised as an essential person in the business. Also, the employer will save money that would have been used to buy company cars for the employees. In simple terms, it is a deal that is beneficial to all parties.

However, before you get into a novated lease deal, their several things you need to consider. First, you must ensure that you can afford to pay the car you are going for. So do not take a car that is far out of your reach. Also, ensure that you consider your saving to be sure that it is a worthy deal. To know how much you will save and also how much the deal will cost you, you can make use of online novated lease calculators. Read and understand the agreement before making a hasty decision.

If you are looking forward to owning a car through a novated lease deal, then consider novated lease – by They are experts when it comes to novated lease deals and will ensure that you own your dream new car with lowest payments. Also, it help you understand the contract better, and how you can benefit from the agreement, they have an online novated lease calculator that can help you calculate the saving and the amount you expect to pay. Also, if you do not understand the deal, you can consult them, and they will ensure that everything is explained to you.