Installing Commercial Retaining Walls – The Process

If you’re a business looking to reduce erosion, maximise space, or desire a beautiful landscape for your business, then a retaining wall builder Adelaide will make all these possible. A retaining wall will keep the soil stuck together thereby preventing soil erosion. If you have a sloping and unusable space, adding a retaining wall will make your land useful as well as adding beauty to your landscape.

The best builder will construct a wall that satisfies both your functionality and beauty needs. With their training and experience when it comes to handling such projects, you can expect nothing less but quality work and a functional and robust wall. The experts have the latest equipment and knowledge when it comes to using different building materials, and all these assures you of a retaining wall that meets the industry standards. Therefore, even as you hire a retaining wall builder Adelaide for your commercial fence, you have to ensure the builder has both experience and a good reputation.

The process of building a commercial retaining wall

Excavation & Dirt Work

Construction starts by first excavating the existing wall, as well as the surrounding area. It is to ensure that the base of your commercial retaining wall is straight and level. The builder will then install 6″ reprocessed concrete base as a foundation which will help reduce the risk of moisture forming under the wall, and these create the base support that strengthens with time.

Installation of Footings

Once the base is in place, the retaining wall builder will then install footings to match any grade changes as well as to increase the strength and stability of your commercial retaining wall. Each footing gets installed a minimum of 6″ behind and in front of the blocks, which anchors your wall in place.

Construction of the Wall

With the groundwork complete, the retaining wall builder Adelaide will start the construction work. The builder will follow strict guidelines and requirements to ensure that your commercial retaining walls is structurally fit with the right slope stabilisation and built-in erosion reduction.

Installing the Drainage System

As an added feature against the erosion problem, the builder will install a custom drainage system to reduce pressure from your wall. The drainage system also reduces the risks of soil erosion by controlling the flow of rainwater away from your commercial property, thereby ensuring that you and your neighbour’s features do not suffer water damage.

Refill and Site Clean-Up

It is the final step of building a retaining wall. The retaining wall builder Adelaide will backfill the soil behind the retaining wall with a geosynthetic-reinforcement material which will help stabilise the ground behind the wall. The extra spaces between the blocks are then filled with river lock and drain tile as an added deterrence that will redirect any water away from the wall. Once the refill process is over, the builder will the clean your property read to commission the project.