What You Need to Know About the Building Inspection Procedure

Before starting the construction of the building, there are a few things you need to complete. The first and most obvious is to get a permit for the construction. Once you have done that, you will then need to call for an inspection service to clear your site for construction. With an idea of what you expect from the inspection process, you can be more alert to what the inspectors are doing. To help you understand this process here is an outline of what you should expect from an inspection service:

Foundation inspection

After excavating the trenches, a building inspector checks for the standards of the base set for your building. The depth of the trench varies with the size of the house. Also, the SA building inspection for foundations entails inspection after installing the reinforced steel and erecting the form. This process should be complete before placing the concrete on the structure.

Underground inspection

The underground inspection involves a variety of checks. For the mechanical part, the inspection is after putting up the duct and fuel system. It also has an electrical inspection component, which is successful after the installation of electrical conduit and cable. Also, to inspect the plumbing of the building, the experts do it before laying down the pipes and putting any backfill.

Slab Inspection

Just before you place concrete on the form structure, you should call a building inspector in SA for slab inspection. This process is essential because it ensures that no substandard materials are used for construction. Consequently, you build a safe and sturdy building.

Exterior Framing Inspection

The exterior frame of a building includes the sheath walls, the fasteners, and braced wall panels. Before advancing to the concealment process of the building, it is essential that an expert takes a look at the exterior wall of your building.

Moisture Barrier Inspection

For a building to be safe and habitable, it needs a moisture barrier. These materials come in handy when you want to keep your building safe of mould infestations. Therefore, before laying down the exterior finishing, make sure that you have a professional building inspector look at your water barriers.

Other necessary SA building inspections procedures include the frame or rough inspection. Experts do this after the moisture inspection, but before the installation of fixtures and appliances. Then, there is the insulation inspection. This type of inspection aims to make sure that your building is properly insulated. As you see in the article, there are many reasons to hire a building inspection company. Therefore, be sure to look for a reliable building inspection company to be sure you’re getting quality services and a credible inspection report. With a building inspector, the complicated process will be made easy.