Tips When Choosing Kitchen Tiles: What You Need to Know

Choosing kitchen wall tiles is never an easy process. There are so many decisions that you have to make during the process that it can all become a bit confusing. Here is a guide to five of the most important tips when choosing your tiles to help you make the right decision so that you can enjoy your kitchen tiles Adelaide for many years to come.

Consider the existing furnishings

When you choose your kitchen wall tiles or floor tiles, the first thing to do is to find all of the existing furnishings and decoration in your kitchen. Your aim should be to find tiles that complement the colour of the walls and the style of the tables and cabinets so that everything works in harmony. Alternatively, if you are redecorating your entire kitchen and replacing the cabinets and furniture, choose a design that fits the overall scheme.

Choose small tiles for small kitchens

The size of the tile that you opt for is a matter of personal choice. However, the size of the room is often a useful indicator of how large the tiles should be. In general, small tiles are more suitable for small rooms, and vice versa, so don’t go buying large tiles for a small kitchen as this may look a bit odd.

Choose darker colours to hide grout discolouration

Grout discolouration is something that will happen to your tiles over time, particularly when the tiles regularly come into contact with water. You will have to replace the grout because when it starts to crumble away the water can get underneath the tiles and cause damage. However, if you do not want the discoloured grout to show up too much, choose darker coloured tiles. These will help to hide the grout when it starts to change colour, rather than light tiles that will make it show up more.

Be wary of a glazed finish

Glazed tiles such as glazed porcelain tiles tend to chip easier, even though they are often a popular choice. In the kitchen, items may get dropped on the tiles and cause damage, so it may be best to avoid these. Glazed tiles may also be more slippery, so for floor tiles in the kitchen, these may not be such a great idea.

Stain Resistant

Stains can be a problem in any kitchen, so it is a good idea to choose kitchen floor tiles that are stain resistant. In general, light-coloured tiles that have not been sealed and are absorbent are more prone to stains than sealed tiles, so try to avoid these to keep the natural colour of the tiles for longer.


Choosing the right kitchen tiles Adelaide will be crucial in creating the style that you want to achieve for your kitchen. Floor Tiles play a significant role in the overall appearance of the kitchen, so follow the above five tips and choose the tiles that are perfect for your kitchen.